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'Justice & Rights For All' is our motto, which we strive to fulfil
Through our team of expert attorneys and lawyers, Malik Chambers provides efficient legal solutions and is dedicated to the well-being of society. Our priority is our client. We go a long way to satisfy them. Licensed with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, we provide law services that serve justice. With offices in Chandigarh, Punjab, and Haryana, the firm has an extensive national footprint.

What we envision

We get daily updates about the coded laws - current media wave - a recent scenario-changing judgment - new claims in our neighborhood - and if we can get anything back. A lawyer must receive, analyze, decode, and understand all of society's inputs; Malik Chambers focuses on sharpening acumen, honing skills, improving methods, and evolving with the new.

In addition to ensuring the most appropriate relief for clients, we also ensure that the process is efficiently managed and back-casted. A good advocate is well-informed, objective in addressing law, capable of conducting an in-depth investigation, analyzing closely and logically what is required by the case, and presenting the best argument. It stands against "might is right" and is there to save those suffering at the hands of the corrupt and the vile. We are committed to pursuing the course of justice in both practice and innovation so that in the legal world, we will be able to reach justice well in time without having to worry about luxury.

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Preserving Relations are the Basis of Success.

We are the best legal service providers to help you safeguard your rights. From legal protection of any kind to ensuring you win the case, our experts help in the best ways to ensure that your case lands up into the right conclusion.

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    We Started

    • We started 1994
    • Serious Clients 2003
    • Landmark Achievements 2010
    • Nominee of Media Coverage 2011
    • 5000+ Cases completed in 2020

    We started 1994

    Way back in 1994, the visionary mind at Malik Chambers aspired to structure a law firm that brings in vital factors to the legal profession - accountability and excellence. We practiced laws with exemplary service motive and earned a reputation amongst a vast national and corporate clientele.

    Consequently, as a full-service law firm confirming a highly productive culture deck, Malik Chambers benefits from the heirloom of its well-preserved legal techniques, which have only evolved with time and for the better.

    The lives Malik Chambers has touched, the relief it has brought, and the values it upholds are a reminiscence of our vision.

    Serious Clients 2003

    Later in 2003, we developed a great client base. We have not just built a client base but also retained them through our best team of lawyers. An elite business clientele seeks Malik Chambers for urgent legal matters. We provide effective, practical, and business-friendly legal solutions to our clients. Government and public bodies, societies, nongovernmental organizations, multinational companies, financial institutions, banks, telecom, IT & industrial giants, and private individuals have been served by us.

    Landmark Achievements 2010

    We have offices in several corners of India, including Punjab, Chandigarh, and Haryana. We have been planning to expand to more cities so that people don’t face travel complications reaching us. We have achieved landmark achievements in 2010, which has built our reputation as a reliable legal firm. We don’t stop here; we have a long way to go in helping clients across India serve justice.

    Media Coverage 2011

    After that, in 2011, we came into the media limelight; we got media coverage as premier legal firms in Punjab, Chandigarh, and Haryana. Have been receiving lots of appreciation to date due highest success rate of serving justice irrespective of the cast, creed, religion, and region. This brings us into the limelight, and we don’t stop here. We envision serving justice to people across India. Malik Chambers focuses on sharpening acumen, honing skills, improving methods, and evolving with the new.

    In addition to ensuring the most appropriate relief for clients, we also ensure that the process is efficiently managed and back-casted.

    5000+ Cases completed in 2020

    Our dedication and commitment to treating all clients equally irrespective of the standard of living have led to completing 5000+ cases in 2020. This is an excellent achievement for us as a team, which turned us into India's top 10 legal firms, aiming to make crime-free states in India. All thanks to our beat lawyers who have made this happen, making every effort in and out to assist the client in winning the case and ensuring that justice is served right.

    We are committed to supporting good causes.

    As welfare services providers, we strive to remove established and emerging NGOs' impediments in obtaining reliable legal counsel and assistance. The non-profit entities we help with efficient advisory make a difference while we are there. Our Corporate Social Responsibility includes supporting and providing services to organizations working in the social sector while maintaining the highest quality. We pledge to offer free legal empowerment services under our Legal Empowerment Program. As part of the Firm's pro-bono program, the firm helps those in need and gives hope to those with none.

    Among all things valued, justice's value is the greatest. It is infinite and immeasurable, only measurable in portions about an inflicted damage, and its value cannot be measured. If justice were absent, gold, measure, and weight could not exist."

    Why should you choose us?

    • Transparency & professionalism.
    • Exceptional service motives and unwavering loyalty.
    • Culture deck strict adherence.
    • Support that is equitable, unbiassed, and dedicated
    • Dedicated representation and honest advice.
    • Lawyers who are intellectually competent and have significant experience
    • Skills in research, drafting, and oratory are emphasized.
    • Detailed action plans for each lawsuit.
    • Expert selection and appointment
    • We organize periodic debates, moot courts, seminars, and meetings.
    • Continually striving for excellence.
    • A transparent and clear billing policy.
    • Reputation and track record to back it up.
    • Legal excellence has been proven over four decades.

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    6 Reasons Clients Choose Malik Chambers?

    We have partnered with industry leaders in each of our fields.
    Malik Chambers offers accurate, timely, and cost-effective advice to various industry groups and sectors.
    We keep consistency and coordination in all practice areas for our teams to progress.
    We have served customers with over 5000 completed engagements over the past years.
    Our motto is
    'Justice & Rights For All'
    We keep ourselves updated by reading much more every day.
    Some FAQS

    We help you fight your legal battles

    • What makes Malik Chambers a good Law Firm?

      The Law Firm you choose to represent your case is an important one. As someone who cares about his or her case, choosing the right firm and attorneys to represent him or her could make all the difference. We are a no. 1 law firm of dedicated attorneys with over 28 years of combined experience. We have the resources and time to handle your case efficiently as a firm.

    • What cases does your law firm handle?

      Malik Chambers is a law firm dedicated to handling claims of all kinds, regardless of their level of litigation. We specialize in various areas, including Business Law, Employment and Labor Law, Intellectual Property, and Litigation.

    • What are the hours of operation of your business?

      During the week, we are open from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday. During our business hours, however, we are available to take your calls or emails. If you have a call or an email, we guarantee to return it within 24 hours or less, regardless of whether it is a client or a potential client

    • Is there a charge for consultations with you?

      It is very important to us to ensure that our clients are well informed about their legal rights to protect them. Therefore, our clients and potential clients can benefit from minimal consultations.

    • When did you start your business?

      In 1994, Malik Chambers established its law firm. It has maintained a commitment to trying cases and/or brokering favourable settlement agreements for its clients since the organization was founded, to try as many cases as possible, whenever possible, for our clients.